How to use Type 1 fonts in a multilingual LaTeX document

Recently I had to deal with a font encoding issue in our MobileHCI’14 paper about phrase sampling methods. The thing is that we wrote some example sentences in 10 different languages, and LaTeX seemed not to like the Russian ones to begin with.

The first approach was to put this in the preamble:


This generated a “valid” PDF via pdflatex, although it was using Type 3 fonts. So I received a kind email from Sheridan Printing (Lisa M. Tolles, we miss you!) saying that Type 3 fonts are not allowed in material appearing in the ACM DL. The paper must use exclusively Type 1 fonts.

Therefore I had to google for a while until finding the following solution. BTW, this was tested on Ubuntu 14.04 with Tex Live 2013.

First, install the UCS package:

sudo apt-get install texlive-latex-extra

Then put this in the preamble:


And enclose with \textcyrillic{} the corresponding text.

Finally, you can proceed this way:

latex file.tex
dvips -P pdf -o file.dvi

That’s all, folks!


On link removal requests

I use to receive tons of spammy emails weekly. Thanks to email filters most of the spam stuff is automatically redirected to /dev/null. However, some time ago I received one that looked presumably legit–Note: I’ve anonymized it to preserve the identity of both parts.

Dear Webmaster,

It has come to our attention that your site contains backlinks to <awesome_company>. As part of an ongoing link clean-up and proactive link profile management program for the company, we have identified that these links that point to our URL are violating Google’s link quality guidelines and also our internal link guidelines.

Therefore could we please have these links removed at your earliest possible convenience. They are located at the following URL’s.


If you would like help on getting these removed please do not hesitate to contact us directly through this email. If no action is taken we will be adding your site into our Google disavow file which helps Google to better combat web spam and also effectively cuts the link between your site and ours.

Please advise us if you have been able to successfully remove the links. We really appreciate your effort and urgency on this issue.

Name – <awesome_company>

So this looked like legit to me at first. But then I realized that it was someone from that company who put that link on one page at my website. Moreover, a quick Internet search revealed a number of interesting write-ups:

In the end I did nothing. I don’t know what happened, but honestly I don’t care. Let the Internet take its natural, chaotic course.